Is Learning and Development Really Dying?

This keeps the debate going and gives an excellent insight from and experienced L&D professional in Australia.

Activate Learning Solutions

I’ve been reading many articles and blog posts that have an urgency about them regarding the impending death of Learning and Development function in corporate organisations.

Admittedly when I read these, my heart races a little faster.  I have this anxiety to catch up with the latest theories and tools in the field so that my survival in the job market in competition with all Gen Ys is secured. With 15 or so years to go until I retire (the golf course awaits), massive and continual restructuring, reorganisation, reduction and redundancy in our field I don’t want to compete for fewer jobs and contracts in an uncertain but ever-changing marketplace.

But I needn’t worry.

I don’t think things will change that quickly in Australia. If I was the betting type, I’d be willing to bet that we’ll be going around in circles for a little while because in order for things…

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